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2022 Devotions - Day 1



We must pray and fast…

1. There can never be a praying church without praying people – buildings don’t pray!

2. The Hebrew word “bless” – Barak, means knee, and implies the posture of prayer! It is the picture of Adam & Eve kneeling before God and being blessed. In effect, you can see it as their wedding. The home is constituted (established) in prayer Genesis 1:28. Prayerless homes are not Christian homes – they may be religious, but New Testament Christianity demands conscious interaction and communion with a “person” – Christ. Ignoring Him through not praying is not acceptable.

3. God delights to meet our needs – nothing is too small to pray about; but Scriptural prayer delights to meet God’s need, to do His will, to serve His Kingdom purposes, and to glorify His name. (Psalm 40:8, Matthew 6:9-10, Hebrew 10:7)

4. As you pray this week, focus on the three levels of prayer:

a. TRANSACTIONAL – prayer needs

b. TRANSFORMATIONAL – God change me

c. TRANSCENDING – I get lost in Your presence

REMINDER: Tuesday is Turn-Around-Tuesday. We pray for our prodigals to come home. Luke 15:11-32

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