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2022 Devotions Day 2


Acts 2:41-47

Although this devotional (teaching) is directed to THE CROSSING @ NWI in Hobart, Indiana, it is a good thought for anyone.

There are seasons when we must once again take inventory on what our priorities are. Here are five focuses for this year:

1) A VIBRANT PRAYER MEETING – the negative effect of Covid has impacted “in house” prayer gatherings. In light ofthis, we must stay committed to “coming together” for prayer. Irrespective of what percentage of the congregation is present there must be a coming together of vibrant prayer and intercession. We call this “Harp & Bowl.” Revelation 5:8

2) A COMMITMENT TO PRIORITIZING WORSHIP – church history teaches us that in conjunction to a fresh move of the Holy Spirit (new wine skin) there is a shift in corporate & personal worship. We must, we must hear and connect with The Sound of Heaven. We passionately pursue the heart of God as we respond and participate in our worship experience. Psalms 150; Ephesians 5:19

3) A CENTRAL FOCUS ON THE SCRIPTURE – the preached and taught Word must be prioritized in every facet of ministry at THE CROSSING. From Sunday celebration, classroom gatherings, Children’s Church, Youth Night, and LIFE (small group) functions. The first verse I memorized as an 8-year-old boy was 2 Timothy 2:15. This was the launching pad for my love of God’s Word. In a church age that has minimized the importance of the Word in our gatherings we must continue to follow the example set before us in Acts 2:42.

4) EVANGELISTIC ACTION: Shining as a Light in the Darkness – We must be a consistent presentation of the Gospel of Christ to the world. We reflect God’s love for mankind; forgiveness for sin; and healing from bondages. We are commissioned with authority. Matthew 10:8. We must impact and reach the lost in 2022.

5) IMPACTING THE COMMUNITY – The Crossing @ NWI, if we are an alive church – we must demonstrate the love of God to the community through acts of compassion. In other words, we must gain the right to be heard! As you finish today’s devotion turn to Luke 10:1-9 and focus on the four steps Jesus set forth to reach the lost: bless, fellowship, minister and proclaim.

For Such a Time as HERE, in 2022!

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