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Devotion day 27

DAY 27

My goal was to expand on “What do I do now that I’m on my knees” but late last night I came across a recent post by Perry Stone. In light of the attack on Christians and an onslaught of carnality, I present this post.


There has been a significant increase in depression, oppression, and anxiety over several months. There are numerous reasons. However, I believe one reason is that too many people (including Christians) are putting too much toxic data and raw sewage into the mainframes of their minds and spirits, creating a virus called “revilers disease.”

I knew of people that sit all day at a computer reading and posting on blogs. They are opportunists, trying to stir controversies to gain a following. You won’t have joy when you continually listen to hateful and, at times, demonically inspired people spewing smelly sewage out of their mouths. When you absorb verbal garbage, your mind will become toxic, harmful, and depressed, slowly turning you into a hateful, hardhearted, and judgmental robot lacking compassion or love.

You need to stop feeding yourself dog and swine food and block the morons and people speaking through a demonic megaphone. As Paul warned, some will speak lies in hypocrisy in the last days, and their conscience will be seared with a hot iron. Some are operating in seducing (deceiving) spirits and promoting doctrines of devils, encouraging a spirit of lawlessness that Paul warned about, in the last days, in 2 Thessalonians 2 (read it).

The Bible tells us to think about holy, pure, righteous, and joyful things. Not on hate, unbelief, confusion, and so forth. Avoid the anti-church rants. Christ’s blood purchased the church (body of Christ), his bride. It may not be perfect, but it is still his body on earth! Stop bashing the bride. Jesus loves the church – all churches, large or small.

Detox your mind and spirit. Renew your mind daily. Pray in the Spirit often. Play gospel music and sing to yourself in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, as admonished by Paul in Ephesians. Let no corrupt communication (including cursing) come from your mouth (yep, that’s in the Bible). You’re not a faithful follower of Christ unless you keep and obey his word, and John and James teach that your religion is in vain if you do not love others. James taught bitter and sweet cannot come from the same vessel, and he commanded that we tame our tongue.

You can control the self-invited oppression. Get a fresh dose of the joy of the Lord. Choose to think on the goodness of God and avoid the anti-body of Christ teaching, wagging their unbridled tongues, setting on fire the course of hell, to their destruction. Keep yourself unpolluted from the corruption of the world, and your mind and spirit will be very happy!”

By Perry Stone (Facebook - Perry Stone Ministries 2/11/2022)

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