• The Crossing

Devotion Day 4


Isaiah 58:6-8

If you study various religions, you will discover the practice of fasting. For instance: Hindu fasting focuses on self and tries to get something for (from) a perceived sacrifice. Christian fasting focuses on God, the results are spiritual results that glorify God – both in the person who fasts and others for whom we fast and pray.

From the beginning of time men have pursued God. They wrongly built the tower of Babel to reach Him. Genesis 11:1-9. They rebelliously carved images to please God. They arrogantly conceived and lived by legalistic laws to impress God (still happening). Men isolate themselves in monasteries hoping to please God. If not careful the spiritual discipline of fasting can fall into the same trap.

One of the greatest spiritual benefits of fasting is becoming more attentive to God – becoming more aware of our own inadequacies and His adequacy, our self-made plans and His self-sufficiency - and listening to what He wants us to be and do!

Never have I sensed the open door of opportunity to reach our towns, cities, and nations. We have received a sovereign commission to see people set free from Satan’s bondage.

However, before the church can experience the fullness of God’s power in the extent He has ordained for this hour, we must be willing to:

• Hear His voice

• Be led by His Spirit

• Pay the price

We must hear the call of the Holy Spirit to fast and pray, then He will release an apostolic anointing upon us through His glory and we will see a harvest of souls that we have never seen.

That’s why there is an expectancy in “Turn-around Tuesday” – praying for the prodigal. We are bringing together the power of prayer and fasting to reach the prodigal and lost!

The Holy Spirit us calling a solemn fast. One that will bring repentance, turning, weeping and interceding before God. This type of fast will bring forgiveness, reconciliation and a displayed love that will impact the world.

It’s time to sanctify a fast.

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