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Devotion day 7

Reaching The City

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4

How about a little “vision casting” for this year? I begin by sharing a *story that was fleshed out in Cordoba, Argentina in 1978.

“We were frustrated. The International Youth with a Mission Team (Y-WAM) had been on the streets all day, and we were not getting anywhere. All two hundred of us met the next day for prayer in a rented monastery on the edge of town. We cried out to God for answers.

The crowds were there. Thousands of Argentines from all over the country had come to the finals for the World Soccer play-offs, but our witnessing lacked power. Nobody was coming to Christ. During that day of prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit began to reveal the nature of the unseen realm over Cordoba. We realized that our timidity and weakness in proclaiming the gospel were partly due to the work of satanic forces manifesting themselves in the culture of the city. Cordoba is a proud and beautiful city.

The Lord responded and gave us a plan. As we prayed in small groups, the Holy Spirit revealed the same strategy to many minds. There is only one way to overcome a spirit of pride – through the humility of Jesus, through Jesus’ life lived out in acts of obedience by His people. We were discerning a principality attempting to rule the city in the pride of life, so we had to confront it in an opposite spirit with a strategy of personal humility.

Here is what we did. We went downtown the next day – all two hundred of us – and formed into small groups of about thirty. We positioned ourselves all through the fashionable malls and streets for pedestrians of the downtown area. Then we did it! We knelt down right there in the midst of the fashion parade, surrounded by expensive bistro, outdoor cafes, and boutiques. With our foreheads to the cobblestone walks, we prayed for a revelation of Jesus to come to the city. Breakthrough was immediate – breakthrough in us and breakthrough in the city. Large crowds of curious people gathered around each group.

I remember vividly how Christ strengthened me when I set aside my dignity and knelt in the street. The intimidation of the enemy was broken along with our pride. As the crowd became larger, I stood and explained through an interpreter why we had come to the city. As I lifted my voice to communicate to the people at the edge of the crowd, the boldness and compassion of the Lord filled me, and I began to preach.

All over downtown Cordoba, Youth with a Mission workers preached to attentive audiences and a harvest of souls began! The people were so receptive that they would wait patiently in line for us personally to autograph our gospel tracks. Large numbers came forward publicly to indicate that they had turned to Christ.

I will never forget one evening when I was preaching in the plaza of San Martin to a large crowd and the harvest scythe of God went through the audience. People dropped to their knees in public repentance. One woman stumbled forward weeping and kneeling down, grasped my knees! “Can I receive Jesus right here?” She said, “Do I have to come to a church?” I assured her she could find Christ anywhere!” *Taken from “Taking Our Cities For God” by John Dawson

So how about itFor Such a Time As This…For Such a Place As This

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