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Devotion day 9


The Lord is on My Side

In the midst of the battle (no matter how long) we can say, “the Lord is on my side.”

One of the songs the Israelites would sing as they were going up to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship was Psalm 124, a song of ascent.

1. “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side: let Israel now say – if it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when man rose up against us.” Psalm 124: 1,2

a. God, who is on your side will do more than help you. He will mold you and get you into shape. During the trials He will build character in you and make you tough through the trials.

b. God will show you who your real enemies are. If your enemies could have had their way…but God frustrated their plans.

2. “Then the waters would have overwhelmed us, the stream would have gone over our soul; then the swollen waters would have gone over our soul.” Psalm 124:4,5

a. If not for “the Lord on our side” the water would have overwhelmed us. It is a stream that keeps getting bigger until it gets out of control.

3. “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 124:8

a. There are over 800 names in the Bible ascribed to the person of Jesus. He is called the True Vine, the Living Way, the Light, the Bread of Life, Son of David, Son of God, Wonderful, Counselor, Might God, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega and on and on.

b. There are over 200 names ascribed to God the Father. You can start with Elohyim, which is the creative name of God. You can shorten this name to the word EL, which means “God is.”

i. El-Shaddai – God is sufficient

ii. El-Elyon – God is the sustainer

iii. El-Olan – God is everlasting

c. Then there are His Jehovah names:

i. Jehovah Rophe – God my healer

ii. Jehovah Shammah – God is there

iii. Jehovah Tsidkenu – God is my righteousness

iv. Jehovah Rohi – God is my shepherd

v. Jehovah Nissi – God is my banner

vi. Jehovah Jireh – God sees and provides

(Not a complete list)

As I write this I cand see you in a private place proclaiming His compound name!

“Our help is in the name of the Lord.” Psalm 124:8

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